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Celebrating the heroes of culture change in an uncertain world

Our inaugural Culture Pioneers campaign 2020 was a huge success. Thank you to all the people and companies who shared their stories and those who helped spread the word. Take a look at our inaugural Culture Pioneers and be inspired by the incredible programmes and initiatives they introduced in response to the pandemic.

Why not join us in our mission to celebrate those who are driving culture change during the Covid pandemic and beyond? Enter your email address below to sign up to our newsletter and receive updates on our plans for 2021.

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What is Culture Pioneers?

With businesses forced to adopt new ways of working, many in the people profession have been re-evaluating and recalibrating their company cultures.

As a result, we have witnessed progressive organisations fostering more flexible models of working, bolstering wellbeing support, empowering innovative thinking and much more.

HRZone has launched Culture Pioneers to champion the achievements of those who are adapting their culture to drive positive change in the midst of the pandemic.

Who took part in 2020?

In organisations across all sizes, HR and L&D teams shared with us the challenges their business faced in the wake of the pandemic and the solutions that were implemented to help build and sustain a positive culture. This included activities such as:

  • The launch of an innovative employee wellbeing programme
  • Embracing more flexible, personalised models of working
  • Improving communication and building up trust
  • Nurturing a more diverse and inclusive environment
  • Enhancing a remote-friendly and flexible learning and development offering
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How it works

Between 13 July and 9 November 2020, we invited UK HR and L&D practitioners to share their stories of culture change. No matter how small or large their achievements, we wanted to hear their story.

We recruited experts in the field to be our Culture Pioneers Ambassadors. This talented cohort are currently picking the stand-out stories for us to share and champion.

Selected stories will be featured and promoted across HRZone, positioning the successful individual/team as leaders of people-first culture across one of the largest HR communities in the UK. Watch this space!


Have you been a Culture Pioneer during the crisis?

To be notified when our inaugural Culture Pioneers are announced and receive updates on our initiative in 2021 enter your email address below.

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“If we pay attention to our culture, we can create something almost magical. If we neglect it, we can suffer for years or even collapse through that inattention. Culture Pioneers are the most attentive orchestrators of the essence of a company that binds people, a mission and their ways of working to deliver that.”

Perry Timms, Culture Pioneers Ambassador

Reasons to share and celebrate your story

Be recognised as a Culture Pioneer among HRZone’s community of 90,000+ people professionals

Raises your profile

Raises your profile as a culture change champion within the HR and L&D professions.

Creates positive PR

Boosts your organisation’s reputation as a leader in people-first culture through challenging times and beyond.

Attracts talent

Helps your company attract the best talent in the most competitive marketplaces.

Keeps employees engaged

Supports your efforts to motivate, engage and retain your organisation’s existing workforce.

To be notified when our inaugural Culture Pioneers are announced and receive updates on our initiative in 2021 enter your email address below.

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“The HR community is at the forefront of defining what the ‘new normal’ is going to look like. It’s time to shine the spotlight on those in the profession who have been inspiring their organisation to think and act differently, especially during challenging times. That’s why I’m so excited about Culture Pioneers”

Blaire Palmer, CEO of That People Thing and Culture Pioneers Ambassador

Our people-first culture pillars

We want to shine a spotlight on inspirational people-first culture change and raise the profile of those who are going above and beyond to successfully guide their workers through the crisis.


Are you cultivating an environment in which your diverse workforce feels valued, respected and encouraged to be their authentic selves?


Are you taking a holistic approach to wellbeing and putting your employees’ health, happiness and security at the forefront of your agenda?


Are you working to ensure that communication across the organisation is fluid and transparent? Are you fostering a culture of trust, open feedback and/or collaboration?


Are you encouraging and motivating employees to take ownership of their personal development and build skills and capabilities in areas that will deliver business value?


Are you nurturing a fail-safe, agile environment in which employees feel empowered to be curious, openly share original ideas and innovate?


Are you empowering your workers to personalise the way they work, take ownership of their responsibilities and be agile in their approach to new challenges?

To be notified when our inaugural Culture Pioneers are announced and receive updates on our initiative in 2021 enter your email address below.

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