How to enter 2022’s Culture Pioneer Awards

Cultivating an exceptional company culture is critical to creating strong organisations and demonstrating successful leadership. Why not be recognised for your efforts by entering our 2022 Culture Pioneer Awards?

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The deadline has been extended! The time left to enter this year's awards is now:








To give you the opportunity to submit your best entry we have extended the deadline to Monday 23rd May 23:59pm (BST)

Our 2022 categories


The Culture Pioneer Brand Award is for organisations that are committed to nurturing a working culture that represents their brand identity.

We’re seeking applications from businesses that are on a mission to cultivate a culture that is authentic to (and supportive of) its brand. Organisations are welcome to focus on any brand type – e.g. employer, consumer or corporate – or a combination of brand types in their entry.

This category gives entrants the opportunity to showcase the organisation’s approach to creating (or sustaining) a great place to work – where company values are lived and breathed, and a strong sense of purpose is shared.


The Culture Pioneer Wellbeing Award is for organisations that are consistently evolving their employee wellbeing strategy and taking a holistic approach to support the mental, emotional, financial and social needs of their whole workforce.

We’re looking for people leaders and teams who are working towards creating an environment that cultivates energy, psychological safety, resilience and adaptability.

This category gives entrants the opportunity to demonstrate how they are taking the responsibility of wellbeing seriously to create sustainable improvements for all employees, no matter their circumstances.


The Culture Pioneer Learning Award is for businesses that are cultivating a culture that proactively supports the way that their organisation learns, adapts and grows.

We’re seeking applications from leaders, teams and businesses that can demonstrate not only how they build business-critical skills across the organisation, but also how they harness the ongoing process of learning.

This category gives entrants the opportunity to showcase their commitment to learning at an individual, team and organisational level, in a climate where skills development is a key component to employee retention.


The Culture Pioneer Inclusion Award is for organisations that are creating meaningful, sustainable improvements in workplace inclusion and belonging.

We’re looking for people leaders and teams who are working to create a psychologically safe environment in which every employee feels respected and valued as their authentic self within the business.

This category offers entrants the opportunity to illustrate their passion and commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion regarding all employees within the organisation – ensuring that no one gets left behind.

The entry process

We are now welcoming UK-based organisations, people professionals and teams to enter the Culture Pioneer Awards.

The awards are free to enter and our application process is designed to showcase the culture journey you have been on – not simply an introduction of new practises.

For more details on how to craft a successful entry, download our useful guide.

What we are looking for from entrants

Tell us in detail about the work involved to improve or sustain your company culture – the motivations behind it, the challenges you’ve faced and the successes you’ve achieved.

The scale of the achievements is not important. We aren’t looking for best-in-show. This is about celebrating people who are committed to an ongoing journey to cultivate their company culture.

Showcase your culture successes across four criteria

1. The Why

Your objectives and vision for your organisation’s company culture.

2. The What

The performance of your culture activities and how they support the business’ objectives / vision.

3. The How

Evidence of company culture positively impacting employees across the organisation.

4. The Outcomes

Results for the organisation that can be directly or indirectly attributed to company culture.

“Sometimes the best initiatives aren’t all singing and all dancing formal programmes.”

Reasons to enter the Culture Pioneer Awards

As well as the pride that comes with entering and winning an award for you and your team, there are other benefits to entering the Culture Pioneers Awards.

Attracts talent

Showcases your company as a great place to work to help attract the best talent in a candidate-driven market.

Creates positive PR

Boosts your organisation’s external reputation and enables your brand to stand out among your competitors, with culture as part of your USP.

Retains employees

Supports your efforts to motivate, engage and retain your organisation’s existing workforce, and helps mitigate any impact experienced from the Great Resignation.

Boosts credibility

Raises your organisation’s profile as a culture change champion in a climate where putting people first has never been more important.

Download our 2022 entry guide

What will make your entry stand out and impress our judges? Download the guide for useful hints and tips! By submitting your details you will be registered to receive the latest updates from Culture Pioneers.