Meet our Culture Pioneer supporters

Propelling forward our mission to celebrate and showcase progressive working cultures is our cohort of 2022 supporters. 

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Our 2022 supporters

Michelle Raymond

Leadership Trainer, The People’s Partner, supporting managers to become fearless leaders
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Deborah Wilkes

CEO, Enable-HR | International, Consultant, Coach and Author of ‘Empowering HR’.
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Robin Hoyle

Author, blogger and Head of Learning Innovation, at Huthwaite International
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Nathan Nalla

Director of Be The Riot, supporting organisations to create inclusive culture through learning and consultancy

Hannah Gore

Learning Experience Director, Tessellate Learning

Ekua Cant

Head Cheerleader for Career Magic Career coach and employee wellbeing specialist
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Sammie Johannes

Perenti business analyst and mental health advocate
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Dawn Metcalfe

Workplace Culture Advisor, Author, Speaker, Coach, Trainer
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Leng Montgomery

Senior DE&I Consultant at Charlotte Sweeney Associates supporting global businesses cross sector
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Raf Uzar

Head of Communication and Development at Penteris, an international law firm
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Kayleigh Graham

Telleroo head of sales, Diversity Champion, Speaker, Columnist
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Nicky Marshall

Director and Facilitator, Discover Your Bounce
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Deborah Hartung

Top 35 Global HR Thought Leader. Author, speaker, consultant and coach at Personify Change
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Lucy McKerron

Head of Culture at Purplefish agency. Passionate advocate of D,E&I and comms partner to Babbasa
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Nigel Paine

Co-Presenter of Learning Now TV

Eva Echo

Activist, Public Speaker, Head of Communications and Engagement for Birmingham Pride
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Why get involved in Culture Pioneers?

Our 2022 supporters highlight the importance of culture in today’s working world and why they are backing our mission.

“Culture Pioneers is important because the culture we work in impacts everything we do, how we do it and how successful we can be.”

Dawn Metcalfe
Workplace Culture Advisor

“Organisational culture matters. It can be great, it can be toxic, but it can never be ignored. Let’s build and celebrate great cultures.”

Robin Hoyle
Head of Learning Innovation, at Huthwaite International

“Culture is the foundation of change and this is why I am so happy to be a supporter of Culture Pioneers 2022, shining a light on those who are pushing forward a new corporate culture.”

Leanne Mair
Benefactum Consulting MD and founder

“I’m proud to be a Culture Pioneers supporter because it’s about celebrating the everyday hero, whose work often goes unrecognised.”

Nathan Nalla
Director of Be The Riot

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