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Thank you for your interest in Culture Pioneers. The deadline for submissions has passed for 2020, and you can now read the inspirational stories of our inaugural Culture Pioneers. If you have a story you would like to share, hold on to it for now and we will be excited to hear all about it once Culture Pioneers 2021 is launched.

This is the start of an ongoing movement, designed to celebrate those who are driving culture change during the Covid pandemic and beyond. Join us in our mission and together we can strive towards building a better workplace and culture for everyone. 

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Reasons to share and celebrate your story

Be recognised as a Culture Pioneer among HRZone’s community of 90,000+ people professionals

Raises your profile

Raises your profile as a culture change champion within the HR and L&D professions.

Creates positive PR

Boosts your organisation’s reputation as a leader in people-first culture through challenging times and beyond.

Attracts talent

Helps your company attract the best talent in the most competitive marketplaces.

Keeps employees engaged

Supports your efforts to motivate, engage and retain your organisation’s existing workforce.

How to get involved

We are no longer accepting culture change stories for 2020! 

If you’re an HR or L&D practitioner for a UK business and you and/or your team have been working on culture change, then be sure to keep updated with our plans for 2021.

Share your email address with us to be notified when our inaugural Culture Pioneers are announced and receive the latest news on our initiative in 2021.


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What do we look for in a story?

We want to hear about:

  • The challenges your business and its people have faced due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and how this has impacted your organisational culture.
  • The actions taken to adapt your company culture in response to the current crisis to better support your workers and the business.
  • How your culture change efforts have started to positively impact employees across the organisation and/or statistics/information that reflect this impact.
  • Your plans/vision for strengthening company culture in the next three to six months.
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“The potential for a whole new way of working has arrived. We want to share the inspirational change-making stories of those people practitioners who are embracing the disruption and creating better workplaces.”

Becky Norman, Editor of HRZone and Culture Pioneers Ambassador

Our people-first culture pillars

We want to shine a spotlight on inspirational people-first culture change and raise the profile of those who are going above and beyond to successfully guide their workers through the crisis.


Are you cultivating an environment in which your diverse workforce feels valued, respected and encouraged to be their authentic selves?


Are you taking a holistic approach to wellbeing and putting your employees’ health, happiness and security at the forefront of your agenda?


Are you working to ensure that communication across the organisation is fluid and transparent? Are you fostering a culture of trust, open feedback and/or collaboration?


Are you encouraging and motivating employees to take ownership of their personal development and build skills and capabilities in areas that will deliver business value?


Are you nurturing a fail-safe, agile environment in which employees feel empowered to be curious, openly share original ideas and innovate?


Are you empowering your workers to personalise the way they work, take ownership of their responsibilities and be agile in their approach to new challenges?

If you and/or your team have been working hard to instil values and change mindsets relating to one or more of our people-first culture pillars, we want to hear your story!

To be notified when our inaugural Culture Pioneers are announced and receive updates on our initiative in 2021 enter your email address below.

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