Introducing the categories for 2021

Explore the four categories you can enter as part of our Culture Pioneers Awards.

Wellbeing Icon Outline


The Culture Pioneer of Wellbeing Award is for organisations that are consistently evolving their employee wellbeing strategy and taking a holistic approach to support the mental, emotional, financial and social needs of their workforce.

We’re looking for people leaders and teams who are working towards creating an environment that cultivates energy, psychological safety, resilience and adaptability.

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The Culture Pioneer of Learning Award is for businesses that are working towards cultivating a culture that proactively supports the way that their organisation learns, adapts and grows.

We’re seeking applications from people leaders and teams who can demonstrate the proactive steps they are taking to harness and build business critical skills and capabilities across the organisation.

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The Culture Pioneer of Inclusion Award, in partnership with Culture Amp, is for organisations who are on the journey towards creating meaningful, sustainable improvements in workplace inclusion and belonging.

We’re looking for people leaders and teams who are working to create a psychologically safe environment in which every employee feels respected and valued as their authentic self within the business.

Innovation Icon Outline


The Culture Pioneer of Innovation Award is for companies that are embracing innovative, potentially unconventional practices, to ensure the business and its people continues to thrive, particularly in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. We’re inviting people leaders and teams to apply if they have been delivering business value and tackling some of HR’s big-ticket issues in truly innovative ways.

Reasons to share and celebrate your achievements

Number 1

Raises your profile

Raises your profile as a culture change champion within the HR and L&D professions.

Number 2

Creates positive PR

Boosts your organisation’s reputation as a leader in people-first culture through challenging times and beyond.

Number 3

Attracts talent

Helps your company attract the best talent in the most competitive marketplaces.

Number 4

Keeps employees engaged

Supports your efforts to motivate, engage and retain your organisation’s existing workforce.

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